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05 - Useful user interface set-up in Word


Word offers several useful ways how to set the word user's environment. These settings are located in the View menu where you will find toolbar of ms word views. It is relatively easy to figure out how these settings work just by trying and seeing the results of you actions. In this word tutorial we will point out at several really handy features.

Thumbnails in word - lets you preview all pages in the document

Document map in word - displays the document map, which consists of the structure of titles that have been defined in the document. If you set the headings in the document as a Word styles (menu: Home - Styles) on the left side of the document you can see an overview of the document structure which simplifies navigation within the document.

New Window - This function opens resp. duplicates an open document in another window, which can be useful if you want to compare several documents etc.. Arrange All button organize all open documents in a user friendly format.
toolbar of MS word views


We have introduced several useful tricks how to set up microsoft word user interface. As we have mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial the rest of the functions are very intuitive and you just need try them out and see what they do.

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