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05 - Useful keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2

Shortcut keys in Excel used in combination with the ALT and SHIFT.

With this kind of shortcut always hold down the ALT key which complements the following combinations:

ALT + TAB - switch between Excel and other programs running (Chrome, Word ...)

ALT + SHIFT - switch keyboard language

ALT + F4 - close the entire program

ALT + PAGE UP (PAGE DOWN) - Switches between the worksheet in Excel document

ENTER - moves the cursor down

SHIFT + ENTER - moves the cursor upward

TAB - moves the cursor to the right

SHIFT + TAB - moves the cursor to the left

F2 - enters the cell and allow its adjusting

F4 - repeat the last performed operation

F12 - save as

Almost all these Excel shortcut keys are able to use in all MS Office applications as well as in most other programs with more or less restrictions. 

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