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04 – Useful keybord shortcuts in Excel

The main objective of this tutorial is to introduce simple excel shortcuts on the keyboard that greatly save your time and give your work a hallmark of professionalism.

ALT + TAB - switchs between active applications in the operating system

Windows + D - displays the desktop (Windows key is located between CTRL and ALT)

 Short cut keys used in combination with CTRL:

With this kind of shortcut it is necessary to hold the CTRL key (on Apple computers, it is a Cmd) by addition of the following combinations:

CTRL + B - change text to bold

CTRL + I - change the text to italic

CTRL + U - underline text

 CTRL + A - select the entire text respectively  entire area

CTRL + C - copy text to the clipboard

CTRL + V - Insert text from the clipboard to the selected location

CTRL + X - copy text to the clipboard and delete the source one

CTRL + R - in selected area copies the content of the first cell to the right

CTRL + D – in selected area copies the content of the first cell down

CTRL + Z - step back


CTRL + + - insert cell, or row

CTRL + - remove the cell, or row

CTRL + W - close the active worksheet


Ctrl + F - run search by keyword

CTRL + H - find specific text and replace it with another, desired text

Useful tricks for searching:

? (Question mark) - replaces any character, so if we write d?ck, the system will find the expressions dock as well as duck

* (asterisk) - replaces an unlimited number of characters


 Another handy use of excel keyboard shortcut  represents combination CTRL + arrows that allows you to quickly navigate through the worksheet. So if cursor is in the first row (A1) of 10 line table and by pressing CTRL + Down arrow cursor will immediately jumps to 10th  the last filled row of the table. (A10 ).

If we press CTRL + SHIFT + arrows program will select whole are between active cell and last filled cell in table.  For example if you Press CTRL + SHIFT + Down Arrow excel select  10 cells (area A1: A10).

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