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Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage Solution

In the article we are introducing a very useful option of your files storage based on cloud computing.

Just a very shortly about cloud computing. It is an emerging form of software and hardware solution which is using external servers’ accessible via internet for your daily usage of software applications and data storage. It basically mean that your data are not stored on your hard drive but on an remote server somewhere in the world and you can access it by logging from any place with internet connection.

This feature is very useful if your team is working on some project where you need to share data and information or if you want to secure your data, make it accessible from anywhere and protect them from the lost caused by your computer destruction, loss or in case your computer was stolen.

In this article we will introduce two cloud data storage solutions - DropBox and GoogleDrive.

The logic of functionality of both platforms is the same. You can create a free account while you are given limited amount of online data storage. You can acces this data storage ether online using your web browser, or you can download an install an application which provides an user interface installed right at your computer.

You can share selected folders or files with assigned users. The logic is following.

The data are stored at the remote server as well as at the local disk of user who has installed application and is sharing particular directory.

Whenever a document or directory is changed (eg. uploaded new pictures or updated Excel file)  the files are uploaded on remote server and right away updated on local disks of all users that share particular directory.

Here you can see promotional videos of both DropBox and Google Drive products. 

Drop Box

Google Drive

With cloud storage you can share your content with more users, simplify your work and make it more efficient as well as protect your data in case of computer lost.

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