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MS Word Tutorials

 The answer for the question do you know how to work with Word is often yes I do but only minority of people are aware of all the possibilities which this program offers. In this section we bring you more advanced Word tutorials which simplify your work and give it and a touch of professionalism.

how to make notes in word

01 – Making notes in Word

Making notes in Word is very handy if several people are working on the same document, if you need to correct document after somebody or if you are making some manual, instructions, or textbook.

ms word track changes

02 – Tracking changes in Word

To track changes in Word is a feature that facilitates the work of several people on a single document where all participants can see who, when and how changed the document.

Word change tracking is triggered through menu Review - Track Changes.

combine word files

03 – Combining word documents

A fantastic Word feature is merging word documents into the one based on our decisions which part of the document we want to keep and which to replace from the other source.

The function launches by  Review – Compare – Combine 

How to protect Word document

04- How to Protect Word document

If you would like to share your content with somebody without allowing other users to make changes Word offers a useful and easy function of Word Document Protection. It launches from menu Review-Protect Document.

toolbar of MS word views

05 - Useful user interface set-up in Word


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