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MS Excel Tutorials


In this section we introduce Excel tutorials that explain how to master the basic functionality of Excel, using Excel examples for a better understanding of relationships and operations. We believe that our Excel guide will help you to better understand the opportunities offered by MS Excel and thereby contribute to your professional growth.

01 – Copy-Paste, Paste Special and ClipBoard in Excel

The purpose of this tutorial is to explain the copying in Excel, Paste Special option and the use of the ClipBoard.

Formating in Excel and conditional formating in Excel

02 – Formating and Conditional Formating

This tutorial explains how to use Formating in Excel and Conditional Formating options. 

Advanced Filter in Excel

03 - Using Filters in Excel

This Excel tutorial explains how to filter data in Excel.

04 – Useful keybord shortcuts in Excel

The main objective of this tutorial is to introduce simple excel shortcuts on the keyboard that greatly save your time and give your work a hallmark of professionalism.


05 - Useful keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2

Tutorial introduces additional shortcuts in Excel. 

HotKey keyboard shortcuts

06 – How to use HotKeys shortcuts

The main objective of this tutorial is to explain the nature and logic of using HotKey keyboard shortcuts .

Excel formulas and functions

07 – Introduction into formulas in Excel

The purpose of this tutorial is to explain how to do Excel formulas.

arithmetic operators in Excel

08 - Mathematical Operators for defining formulas in Excel

Basic Mathematical Operators in Excel for defining formulas.

 how to copy formulas in Excel

09 - Fixing cells while copying formulas in Excel

This tutorial explains how to copy formulas in Excel and how to fix cells while copying. 


Function Concatenate in Excel which combines content in Excel

10 - Merging content in Excel - CONCATENATE ()

Function CONCATENATE in Excel () combines content of different cells into one unit respectively one sentence.

Explains the use of SUMIF function Excel


Excel SUMIF  and Excel Sumifs are a useful formulas when we sum the values ​​based on required criteria.


Excel Count function and Excel Countif function


How to use Excel functions COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTIF and COUNTIFS, to determine the number of cells based on the required criteria.

How to use Excel LOOKUP functions

13 - Funkctions VLOOKUP in Excel and HLOOKUP in Excel

Explanains the use of Excel VLOOKUP and Excel HLOOKUP formulas, one of the most useful features that Excel offers.

Text Import Excel

14 – Importing text file into Excel

The aim of this tutorial is to explain how to import text to Excel. There are lots of reasons for importing text files to Excel such as adjusting various Questionnaire outputs, SAP outputs, various reports etc. .

Lock excel

15 - Excel document protection

Tutorial explains how to protect Excel document at several levels, how to set password protection and how to unprotect Excel as well.

What are Pivot Tables

16- Pivot Tables

 In this tutorial we will explain what is a pivot table and how to use it.

Ranges in Excel

17 - Name Manager in Excel

Name Manager in Excel has a very handy use in building formulas or in Excel programming. The purpose of this function is to name a range of cells.


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