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14 – Importing text file into Excel

The aim of this tutorial is to explain how to import text to Excel. There are lots of reasons for importing text files to Excel such as adjusting various Questionnaire outputs, SAP outputs, various reports etc. .

There are basically two ways how to import text file into excel :

- The first option is to insert the document via Menu - Open (CTRL + O)
- The second way is open the document directly from the browser on your computer (My Computer) by right clicking the mouse and choosing the option Open document in Excel.

Text Import Excel

Both mentioned ways will bring you to the same starting point where you need to define the way how to import text into Excel.

In the first step it is necessary to define the way how to divide text into columns. It can be done according to:

-          exact number of characters

-          specified separator (, - /.)

In the next step you need to define ether number of characters respectively separator.

In the last step you need to define format of cells.

Importing text files into Excel

In case that you already have text in Excel and you would like to divide it into more cells you need to select desired area and via menu Data – Text to Columns you can launch the exactly same process as in previous case. 

Excel import text file

This tutorial explained how to import text file to Excel. We hope that you have found it interesting.

See you by next tutorials. 

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