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16- Pivot Tables

 In this tutorial we will explain what is a pivot table and how to use it.

Very frequently discussed topic among Excel users is how to use Excel Pivot Table. Pivot table represents a user friendly option how to arrange data or database in Excel, and at the same time to do basic mathematical operations such as sums, averages, min, max, etc.

To explain Pivot Table functionality we will use the example of our companies’ database which contains its name, country of origin, profit, number of employees etc.

PivotTable in Excel is added via menu Insert - Pivot Table.

What are Pivot Tables

To create a PivotTable we have to select the area of the source table and from Menu Insert choose Pivot Table. (HotkeysCode - ALT + NVT).

Pivot Table Excel

The Pivot Table user interface environment appears on the right side of the document where we will define what Pivot Table should look like.  We will create it by dragging particular items into the correct fields.

Excel Pivot Table

As we can see from Print Screen, PivotTable itself calculated sums averages and determined minimum and maximum of selected area of data.

The following image interprets particular Excel Pivot Table values.

pivot tables excel

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