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06 – How to use HotKeys shortcuts

The main objective of this tutorial is to explain the nature and logic of using HotKey keyboard shortcuts

Through the use of Hot Keys can be controlled more than 90% of the functionality of Excel (also applies to Word and PowerPoint) just by using the keyboard. This option is saving your time while you switch between mouse and keyboard.

This feature is very useful while repeating same actions in settings as conditional formatting, setting custom filters etc. ...

After pressing "ALT" to each menu item is assigned a letter which activates particular button. 

HotKey keyboard shortcuts

After pressing H, you can proceed with pressing FC  ​​which activates the color palette to change the font color. 

keys HotKeys in Excel

If you want to change the font color you should enter the code ALT + H + FC and using arrows select the desired color. In this case dont hold all the keys at once but press it one by one.

With trivial modifications you might find Excel HotKeys this option as pointless waste of time because it could be done faster using mouse but if you learn some of the shortcuts by heart and start to use them we believe that  you will find this Excel function useful.

It is important to note that the keys HotKeys in Excel are derived from the installed interface language and thus are specific for each language.


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