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07 – Introduction into formulas in Excel

The purpose of this tutorial is to explain ways to create excel formulas.

As you know Excel is not just about tables and graphs, it is a highly sophisticated program where it is possible to create complex mathematical models.

Excel formulas and functions can be created in two ways. First method is to insert the formula through menu patterns where you will be guided what is necessary to specify in the formula  to do the calculation. 

Excel formulas and functions

Second way is to insert formula directly into Excel command line. All formulas have to begin with = and the body of formula has to be in ( ).

formulas for Excel

The most basic formulas for Excel are following:

= ()                         - refers to the selected cell

sum ()                   - sums selected cells

average ()           - calculates the average of the selected cells

min ()                    - in the selected range of cells determines the minimum value

max ()                   - in the selected range of cells determines the maximum value

median ()            - determines the median value ​​of the selected area

count ()                - determines the number of selected cells which contain some content

stdev ()               - calculates the standard deviation from the mean

This tutorial explained how to create Excel formulas as well as how to use basic excel formulas. In future tutorials 

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