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03 - Using Filters in Excel

Filtering data in excel is essential if you are working with any database.

Filtering in Excel can be done in two basic ways.

Simple - Automatic Filter enables to sort the data ascending or descending, or to choose only a specific type of data that we are interested in.

Advanced Filter in Excel

For example if we want to display data only for companies that operate in the Agriculture, Mining and Timber industry the set up will look following.

Filtering in Excel

With automatic filter it is very important to select the whole table area because if we have selected only two columns, the system would filter only those two columns and it would mix up the entire database.

Advanced Filter in Excel resp. Custom Filter eneables to filter data according to multiple criteria. 

Excel filters

Advanced filter in Excel enables to define any number of filtering criteria which is suitable for filtering large data sets.

Excel filters therefore in combination with Conditional Formatting also allows you to sort the table by cell color or font color.

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