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02 – Formating and Conditional Formating

It is likely that everybody knows how common formatting in Excel works. It is mostly about formatting Excel table to change its font color, shading, borders or setting the number format.

To speed up common formatting operations you can cleverly use HotKeys or shortcut F4.

A useful feature represents Paste Special function which carries the format from the selected range of cells to the desired area. 

A very handy tool is the Format Painter ,which transmits format of the active cell to selected cells. By One click on the Painter Icon, you can use it only once. If you want to use the Format Painter more times you need to activate it by double-clicking the icon.


Excel Conditional Formatting is more advanced and more interesting form of formatting where the cells are formatted according to predefined condition.


Change the background color for all cells whose value is negative which means that the company ended up in a loss.

Change the font color to blue when the company made ​​a profit exceeding € 5,000,000.

Change the cell color if it contains text "profit".

Conditional formatting is entered via menu Home - Conditional Formatting where Excel offers several options for creating the conditions that are largely intuitive. 

Formating in Excel and conditional formating in Excel

Managing already created conditions is possible in Home - Conditional Formatting - Manage Rules.

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